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Should I lease rather than buy new?

John Paul Getty, "the oil tycoon who was one of the richest men ever, once remarked: “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, Lease it!”

Leasing is a way of having a brand new vehicle without any of the disposal hassle or depreciation risk.

Do you lease commercial vehicles as well as cars?

Yes we can supply vans of all sizes, from pick-up trucks, minibuses and even freezer vans.

How old are the vehicles that are available for leasing on your website?

They are all brand new vehicles.

Do I own the vehicle at the end of the contract?

No, you will never own the vehicle with leasing.

Can I apply for a lease car if I just want it for personal use and/or commuting?

Yes, you can personal car leasing is one of the biggest growing markets in the UK

What happens if there is damage on the car when it is returned at the end of the lease?

Lease companies are not expecting vehicles to be returned in the same brand new condition as when they left the showroom. You are entitled to fair wear and tear allowances (we can send you an industry guide). Any damage beyond fair wear and tear, needs to be repaired prior to the vehicle returning or you will be charged to correct it.

I do more than 10,000 miles per year – can I still lease?

You can request a mileage to suit your own requirements and we will get you the most competitive quote.

Does the lease include insurance cover?

No – you will need to arrange fully comprehensive cover.

What about servicing and maintenance costs – are they included? Does the lease include insurance cover?

All offers on our website do not include service and maintenance as standard, but we can quote to include cover on any of the offers shown which can be from as little as £15 a month, depending on size of vehicle and contract profile.

Is the vehicle taxed? And what about MOTs?

Car tax is included with vehicle leasing (also known as contract hire) for the complete contract length.

All new cars by law must have an MOT on their 3rd birthday and annually thereafter, if you take a non maintained contract and have the vehicle on that date you will need to pay for the MOT. Fully maintained contracts will include the MOT

What are my options when the lease ends?

The car is returned to the funder and so you can start a new lease if you wish. Dependent on the contract it may be possible to extend the lease or even sometimes purchase the vehicle. 

If you have any other questions

If you have any other questions

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